The ABC’s of the CDC’s PSAs: Part One

September 10, 2014 10:02 am

Over the next few weeks, we're going to get a better understanding on the Center for Disease Control's Public Service Announcements – what topics they cover, how they are relayed and how they help with post-disaster clean up.

A is ASL

I remember visiting a friend in Florida one year during Hurricane Season and Jeb Bush's reign as Governor. A hurricane was brewing out in the Gulf and it was hard to find anything else to talk about in an otherwise boring, hot Florida summer. Gov. Bush put on great press conferences, partly due to his fluency in ASL – American Sign Language. The CDC offers PSA's on many subjects, in many formats including Spanish and ASL. This allows anyone, regardless of language, to be informed and prepared for a disaster.

These PSA's vary in topics and are very informative. There are PSAs about every kind of disaster and relevant information. Common topics include but certainly are not limited to:

  • Earthquakes, tornados, windstorms, etc.
  • How to prepare before the storm and how to deal with the aftermath.
  • Medical information, such as allergies from mold or dealing with depression after a disaster.
  • Safe drinking water and keeping your food at proper temperatures during a power outage.
  • Building safety and electrical safety.

These PSA's are readily available at the CDC's website. Be sure to look at important PSAs for your area.

Next week: B is broadcasting. Read our next blog to learn how these public service announcements are made in this era of technology.

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September 5, 2014 3:13 pm

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Only You Can Prevent Electrical Fires – Part 3

July 30, 2014 10:02 am

During a Storm

This summer has brought countless incidents of severe weather. From hail in the Greater Philadelphia regions to a tornado in New Jersey, this summer reminds us how important storm safety truly is. The best way to be prepared is to arm yourself with knowledge.


Did you know that phone use is the number one cause of indoor lightning injuries in the U.S.?

Lightning can enter a building through wires or pipes exposed to the outside, through the ground (such as your garage floor), and from a direct strike.

Not only can this cause fires in your home, but you, your loved ones and your pets can be seriously injured. Be sure to take the following electrical safety precautions during the next storm:

Avoid talking on a corded phone

Unplug electrical equipment and cords

Stay away from concrete floors or walls (these often have metal reinforcements)

Do not use plumbing, do laundry or dishes, or wash your hands

Power Outages

With severe storms come power outages and the use of generators. Have a licensed professional install your home or business's generator to insure all safety precautions have been taken. The Electrical Safety Foundation International's website reminds us that carbon monoxide is a "silent killer" and a portable generator should never be operated indoors.

For more tips from the Electrical Safety Foundation International, click here.

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