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Let It Snow, Let It Snow – Part Three: Heating Equipment and Other Important Checks

February 11, 2015 9:55 am

In a previous blog, we’ve talked about freezing pipes. Caulking, weather-stripping and draining water systems are a just a few steps you can take to avoid the messy and costly repercussions of frozen pipes. If you haven’t already done so, click here to read our blog and take some action to ensure your pipes don’t freeze.

Frozen pipes are just one aspect of the consequences of winter. The heavy snowstorms often knock down tree branches, which can affect power lines. Trim trees before a storm and clean out rain gutters, removing debris that might prevent melted snow from working its way off the roof. Speaking of roofs, check the stability of yours to ensure it can withstand a heavy snowfall.

Maintaining your heating equipment is also vital. The Building Owners and Managers Association International has a Cold Weather HVAC Task List on their website (click here to read more!). First, they remind you to check your heating systems. Snow is beautiful, but it’s a sure indication of cold and making sure your heating equipment has enough fuel is vital. Test run your equipment to ensure everything is running properly and if you cutback heat to certain areas in the summer months, restore that now.

The next step is to drain moisture from air tanks and air lines in your mechanical equipment, lubricating where necessary and enclosing any outdoor equipment that might be in danger from the cold. Finally, the site encourages you to have emergency supplies on hand and make sure your personnel are familiar with snow storm procedures.

Stay tuned next week for tips on combating ice at your property!

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Let It Snow, Let It Snow – Part Two: Safe Shoveling

January 27, 2015 10:33 am

Winter storm Juno has come and gone, and now you are left to clean up its mess.

A small amount of snow might only require light shoveling, while a stronger storm with a higher accumulation will force you to bring in a snow blower or a plow. If you or your personnel are shoveling snow, take precautions. Be aware of any areas in your complexes that need shoveling. Don’t wait for your residents to take it upon themselves to remove snow.

The Snow and Ice Management Association offers tip for safe snow shoveling. Here’s a few:

  • Don’t wait for it to stop snowing before you begin shoveling.
  • Wear breathable layers, allowing for your perspiration to evaporate. Wear waterproof boots with good traction so you don’t slip and fall.
  • Stretch! Shoveling snow can be quite a workout and as with all workouts, stretching before and after will help prevent injuries.
  • Push the snow off to the side with your shovel rather than try to life and toss the snow. This will keep your muscles from straining prevent you from getting tired too quickly.
  • Take breaks and stay hydrated. Even when it’s cold outside, drinking lots of water is vital. Take a few minutes to rest from the shoveling, giving yourself time to chug a glass of H2O.

As with any exercise, pay attention to your own body and if you start to feel sore, light headed or your fingertips or toes are getting too cold, take a break and assess yourself before you continue.

To read more of SIMA’s tips, click here.

Be sure to read on next week for more winter storm preparation tips!

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