RestoreCore’s Role in “Miracle on the Hudson”

On January 15, 2009 US Airways flight 1549 left LaGuardia Airport, and was immediately hit by a flock of geese during takeoff. This resulted in the loss of both engines. Luckily for the passengers on board, the flight safely landed on the icy Hudson River, thanks to the heroism of the captain, and all 155 passengers and crew members were safely evacuated from the slowly sinking plane. This historic happening resulted in one of the most miraculous events in the history of aviation.

“Miracle on the Hudson”, as this incident is now called, symbolized for many the heroism that can arise from dire circumstances, and RestoreCore was awarded the challenging task of decontaminating, cleaning, and drying the cabin of the plane so that it could then be transported to the Carolinas Aviation Museum for permanent display.

The cleaning and conservation of the plane was completed by RestoreCore at J. Supor & Son in New Jersey. After sitting for almost a year in dry-dock, the interior of the plane still held a lot of moisture, which required drying and decontamination from mold and harmful products that leeched in from the Hudson River. This project indicates the first time RestoreCore was ever asked to not restore property back to pre-loss condition, as the museum wanted the plane to be decontaminated, safe, yet to still look as if it had just come out of the Hudson River. During this process, RestoreCore developed several new techniques to decontaminate the plane, while still allowing it to look dirty.

The transportation of the plane (less wings, empennage, and engines) to Charlotte, North Carloina began on June 4th, 2012 and ended on June 10th. During the plane’s journey down the east coast, the most challenging maneuver occurred on the 2nd day of the trip while the plane was still en route in New Jersey, when it took over an hour to make a right hand turn in the center of Moorestown. The estimated cost to set up the museum exhibit was as much as $2 million, and the entire cost to move the plane from its original location in New Jersey was donated by Joseph Supor of J Supor & Son.

After the plane’s arrival, The Carolinas Aviation Museum held a reception on June 11th to commemorate the final "arrival" of Flight 1549 to Charlotte with Captain “Sully” Sullenberger as keynote speaker, and the 155 passengers from the flight were invited to the event.

Thanks to everyone’s efforts, Flight 1549, now has a permanent home, and will forever honor the heroism of that fateful day.

For more information about “Miracle on the Hudson” and RestoreCore’s role in the restoration, please visit Wikipedia.

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